Terms of Service

Last updated: January 28, 2017

Yieldlove GmbH ("Yieldlove"), Kehrwieder 9, 20457 Hamburg, HRB 127559 is a company that handles the sales of web based advertising inventory.

As a meta-marketer, Yieldlove coordinates ad networks and campaigns via an ad server in order to deliver the most profitable campaigns on partner websites. To achieve this, Yieldlove provides so-called "ad tags" that are snippets to be integrated into the source code or ad server of the partner websites. Yieldlove concludes, on its own behalf and without the involvement of the other contract party, agreements with advertising networks and advertisers for the delivery of advertisements on the partner websites. The use of products and services provided by Yieldlove (hereinafter: "services") requires that you agree to these Terms of Use.

Use of Services

By using our services, you declare that you either own the websites affected by such use, or that appropriate sales rights for these websites have been legally transferred to you.

In addition, you warrant that the websites for which you use our services, and the content provided therein, do not violate the applicable law.

Term and Termination

You have the right to freely decide on the amount of traffic that you provide to Yieldlove for sales purposes at any time. You may terminate your use of our services at any time. In the event that the parties terminate their collaboration, you are obligated to immediately remove and permanently delete the data and advertising formats provided by Yieldlove.

Yieldlove reserves the right to deactivate provided advertising formats if they are not implemented on the active page for longer than 30 days.

Prohibited Actions

The advertising formats and ad tags provided by Yieldlove may not be modified in any way, passed on to third parties or made available to third parties in any other way, or used outside the contractually defined websites that are intended for the respective ad tags and that have been registered for sales purposes. It is forbidden to use the advertising formats provided by Yieldlove on illegal websites or websites that contain pornographic or similarly offensive content, racist, extremist or xenophobic content, or content that violates the rights of third parties or, in particular, copyright, trademark or competition law. Any measures that serve to artificially generate traffic to partner websites (such as auto-reloading or meta-refresh code), that produce clicks in an unnatural way (e.g. through a misleading placement of the advertising spaces so that the advertising is not apparent as such to the users) or that prompt users to click ad banners specifically, are forbidden. Violation of the rules above may result in Yieldlove's retention of any illegally generated revenues.

Compensation and Payment

The advertising revenue generated through third parties will be paid via an account of Yieldlove at these advertising networks. The compensation for the services of Yieldlove is based on a fixed commission (revenue share model). The revenue share covers all costs incurred in connection with performance of the services. There are no fixed costs. Payments by Yieldlove are billed on a monthly basis insofar as Yieldlove distributes the entire advertising revenues minus the revenue shares to its partners. The payment term is 40 days.


Yieldlove uses the Dashboard, which can be reached at www.yieldlove.com, to provide information about the performance of the advertising spaces on the partner websites. The reports provided there are preliminary performance reports, as the ad networks reserve their right to make subsequent corrections. Yieldlove informs its partners about the final generated advertising revenues via monthly credit notes.

About these Terms of Service

These Terms of Use and any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use are governed by German law, excluding the UN Sales Convention. This choice of jurisdiction makes no representation as to the law applicable to the respective service itself. If you are a consumer, the statutory regulations shall determine the applicable jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use. If you are not a consumer, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use is Hamburg.