Yieldlove supports better ad quality

Overall, there has been successful industry adoption of Ads.txt file in order to help secure the User Experience, ad quality, and fight against fraud. Almost 80 % of the top 5000 websites have made the adoption.

We at Yieldlove, through our header-bidding technology, have been promoting and implementing ads.txt file on more than 500 websites Worldwide.

Now, another effort for more transparency and better user experiences are happening with the creation of the Coalition for Better Ads. This coalition is developing ad standards for desktop and mobile devices in order to improve the online consumer experience. An interesting fact, across most of the countries and regions, consumers have agreed on similar types of annoying ads.

Yieldlove is laser-focused about the quality of the ads we can promote and are working with. We are advising our publishers to stay as far away as possible from the ads below. It is the best practice to focus only on IAB standard ads.

Source: betterads.org