Yieldlove named the 39th fastest-growing company in Europe!

Founded in 2013, Yieldlove has achieved quite a lot since. Thanks to its disruptive technology and its multiple partnerships within the digital sphere, Yieldlove enhanced the expansion of its header-bidding technology-based solutions starting from Germany through Europe and then beyond the Atlantic and other continents.

As defined in the original article, “The FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies is a list of the top 1000 companies in Europe that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2013 and 2016”.

We must admit that it is quite an honor to be highlighted through the representative ranking of the Financial Times. We are ranked 39th out of 1,000 startups and companies but also 9th amongst the 266 German companies.

Beyond these rankings, what also matters is our field of expertise’s ranking: We are ranked 4th as an “Advertising company” and by deduction ranked as the 1st independent yield optimizer that is focused on a solution which is only-publisher sided.

This ranking quantitatively shows the abilities of a business model being right on time to expand its ideas and solutions, most importantly it shows we found an answer to a publisher’s need. It's a need derived from publishers facing the process of ad impressions negotiation without a proper weight in the industry and being seen as an isolated publisher without any yield optimizing technology.

Let’s continue to keep things rolling, stretching the limits and helping publishers while preserving their freedom of choice and offering weight and leverage in the negotiation.

Thanks to the team and thanks to our Publishers, who believed in us and are continuing to do so.