Header bidding for the win

Yieldlove completed the rollout of header bidding throughout its entire portfolio – generating up to an 80% additional uplift for its publishers.

The Hamburg-based display marketing company Yieldlove successfully completed the implementation of header bidding. The deployment of the technology is generating an average uplift between 50-80% without any additional hassle on the publisher’s side.

Header bidding technology, also called pre-bidding or advanced bidding, was recently established within the ecosystem of programmatic advertising and promises higher advertising revenues for publishers. Before header bidding, publishers used a waterfall system by offering impressions for a defined floor price to a SSP (sell-side platform). All impressions that were not sold to the first SSP in the waterfall were then offered to the next SSP at a lower floor price and so on. This logic is now replaced by header bidding. When using header bidding, impressions are not longer offered sequentially to various SSPs. Instead, all impressions are auctioned simultaneously to several SSPs in real time. The advantages are higher fill rates and foremost better CPMs.

Although the technology brings definite benefits, header bidding is still controversial. Criticism mostly centers upon the high complexity of the topic. Publishers need to decide which wrapper to use and how to properly configure it. Moreover, accounts must be set up with all participating SSPs and the website and placements must be configured for every account. In addition, publishers have to aggregate, consolidate and assess the relevant data from all SSPs. Due to the cost and resources needed for header bidding, it is only cost effective for larger publishers.

Yieldlove helps publisher take advantage of header bidding without any extra effort on their side. The Hamburg-based adtech company guarantees an optimal configuration of the technology. The majority of SSPs that provides a header bidding adapter are already integrated and optimized by Yieldlove. New vendors are constantly tested and added to its stack as they prove their suitability. Yieldlove has implemented header bidding throughout its entire portfolio. The results speak for themselves: “First tests already show that the overall performance improves significantly,“ says Timo Hagenow, one of Yieldlove’s founders and Managing Director. “Through the use of header bidding, combined with our unique floor price optimization technology on advertiser and ad unit level that increases the bid pressure of auctions within each SSP, we reach revenue uplifts between 50-80%.