Introducing our new feature: flexible reload of ad units

Optimizing site performance is in the interest of every smart publisher – as well as in the interest of Yieldlove.

From a monetization perspective, many techniques can be used to draw more value out of an ad placement. One of such techniques includes the practice of reloading the ads that are already displayed on the page. The implementation of a successful reload requires an accurate analysis of the publisher´s website: How engaged are its users? How much time do they spend on every page? Do they scroll down to view the content of the page?

Here at Yieldlove, we not only help our publishers understand if and when to implement a reload, but we also make sure that the refreshed ads are visible to the user and therefore valuable from the buyer side. Why is it so important to target active users? A simple time-based reload is generally disliked from advertisers. These are advertisers who want to be sure that the ad they are paying for is actually being seen by the user. By tracking user actions such as movements of the mouse and keyboard inputs, and by defining a minimum required percentage of visibility for the ad to be refreshed, we guarantee our SSP partners the viewability of the ad and are able to obtain overall higher revenue-per-session. Our integration of time-based and user behavior-based parameters allow us to set the optimal reload rates and ensure the best possible performance.