Everything you always wanted to know about lazy loading

Lazy Loading is a way to configure your site in order to show the information/content as it is required versus showing it entirely at once. Lazy Loading requires splitting your code into different parts, or breaking points, which can be loaded in a placeholder as they are requested by the device reading the information.

Numerous test conducted on different web pages from different markets has allowed us to reach a significant revenue uplift using the technique. So yes, you can say that we have mastered this technology. We are ready to introduce it to your page and we are able to adapt it to the multiple platforms used by our clients. Lastly, our professionals will be able to support you in different languages during the implementation.

Let's look a bit closer into a benefits of implementing lazy loading.

Higher Click Through Rate

The CTR is a scale that measures the percentage of people who clicked on an ad after seeing it. Without Lazy Loading, ads located below the fold would be displayed (without the user seeing them) but rarely would receive a click.

Improved Viewability rate

Viewability Rate is defined as when at least 50% of the ad is shown for more than 1 second. Lazy Loading is an intelligent way of loading your content to avoid display ads that won't be seen by the visitors.

Decreased Loading time

Search Engines usually prefer sites containing content and ads that are set in an efficient manner of display and asychronous ad loading. To further prove the relevance of Lazy Loading, big websites such as The New York Times has implemented this method of displaying their content.

If you are interested in testing this feature on your web page to improve the performance of the ads, don't hesitate to contact us.