Google and Header Bidding: It's complicated

It is an open secret that you do not have to choose between Google's Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) and Header Bidding. EBDA can be integrated into a fullstack Header Bidding solution. Doing this requires some ... let us not call them 'hacks', but certainly some advanced and creative usage of Google's Ad Manager (to the point where creating 1,000 line items is considered a 'simple setup').

This is unsurprising: Google has no incentive to make it easy for you to expose its EBDA solution to the increased competition of Header Bidding. But here at Yieldlove we like competition. We support publishers and have come up with a few ways of increasing competition among ad exchanges.

Our integration of EBDA and Header Bidding goes beyond a simple one-step process (run the auction, let the highest bid compete with EBDA). It combines multiple monetization strategies to reduce latency and guarantee a high CPM for prime locations on our publishers' websites. A set of auction parameters is constantly optimized to maximize revenue and ensure that no ad impression is sold below value.

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