GDPR - What you need to do as a web publisher

The General Data Protection Regulation is the new European reference text providing a set of rules on the protection of personal data. Web publishers will be expected to transparently explain to users how their data is stored, the purpose of its use, and will need to ask for users explicit consent to proceed or not. All web publishers whose scope extend to Europe will be affected.

The official effective date of the GDPR is May 25, 2018.

Yieldlove recommends that all publishers with visitors in the European Economic Area update their websites to ensure that they comply with the new regulations. There are currently two ways to make sure you are in compliance.

First, you can update your privacy policy with the Yieldlove version that was sent a few days ago (this may also be why you received updated privacy policy notifications from a variety of organizations and social platforms in the last few days). Within the updated version, it clearly declares the advertising partners we are working with and provides a link to each platform which allows the user to provide consent or not.

Second, you can also implement a CMP (Consent Management Platform) that is IAB compliant. This is the easiest and most explicit way for you to ask a user for their consent. As authorized vendors registered within the IAB network, Yieldlove and all its partners will automatically receive the choice of the user and deliver ads consequently to their respective choice.

In both cases above, if the user provides their consent, personalized ads will be displayed. If the user does not, non-personalized ads will be displayed.

So, for you to remember, the main obligations of the GDPR are:

  • The management of personal data must be done with the approval of the involved person.
  • Users must be able to control their data.
  • Data collection must be based on the real needs of the company: purpose limitation. The data collected and its use must serve a clear and precise purpose. Procedures for deleting old data and security must be in place to limit retention and preserve integrity and confidentiality.

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