Introducing automated ads.txt audit for Yieldlove's publishers

The “Authorized Digital Sellers” initiative was launched by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in mid-2017. Many publishers have now placed this simple text file in their web server/roots directory. The text file lists all legitimate sellers of the web inventory and complicates ad fraud, which is unfortunately very common in programmatic advertising marketing. Advertisers and platforms can now publicly check whether an inventory offer is real or fake. The list of DSPs that have enabled advertisers to buy exclusively ads.txt-authorized inventory is constantly growing. To make sure that ad revenue won't be affected, it's necessary for publishers to keep their ads.txt file updated.

To prevent any loss of revenue we've developed a special automatic audit and notification system to make sure that our clients always have document that is up-to-date. Right now, whenever we add any additional entry to the existing file, our publishers will get a special email notification asking them to make a change.

You can always find our latest ads.txt file also on